I’ve always been animal lover since a very young age. I was always the one that brought home the strays and hurt animals. I wanted to become a vet but things didn’t go that way for me so instead I took up hair dressing while in school. I travel to different homes making the residents… Read more »


My name is Maegan and I am one of the boarding facilities for the Strutting Pooch! I have had a love for animals for as long as I can remember. I have cared for various animals, not giving my parents a choice and just bringing an animal that needed a home….home. A mouse from science… Read more »


Hi, My name is Tziona Rose, and I think animals are the best. I grew up surrounded by animals spending summers helping on my family’s horse farm. I have a great passion for our furry friends and love volunteering at local animal shelters. I love animals because I think they are what brings out the… Read more »


Born and raised in Southern California, Sylvia’s house was always a haven for all kinds of pets. That hasn’t changed in her adult life. With four dogs and 2 cats, Sylvia’s love for furry friends has grown even more over the years. Besides her overwhelming love of animals, Sylvia has spent her entire life in… Read more »

Chris R.

Hi everyone. My name is Chris Rose, and I have had a passion for animals my whole life. Whether it was raising abandon squirrels or volunteering at local animal shelters, I have always been invested in helping our furry friends. I love them so much because they are what really bring out what is good… Read more »


Born and raised in a small town in the Adirondacks, Chris’s grandparents were caretakers of a 22,000 acre wilderness play land where Chris spent the majority of his time exploring. His grandparents barn was always home to the numerous critters that would always find their way home for one reason or another. Along with forest… Read more »