The Strutting Pooch - Chris


Born and raised in a small town in the Adirondacks, Chris’s grandparents were caretakers of a 22,000 acre wilderness play land where Chris spent the majority of his time exploring. His grandparents barn was always home to the numerous critters that would always find their way home for one reason or another. Along with forest animals, dogs, cats, ferrets and raccoons were abundantly found in the Fletcher household.

Chris is and has always been an avid outdoors man, with a love for the environment and an affection for wildlife and domestic animals. His life has always had animals in it, and wouldn’t be complete without his furry friends. Chris has a Masters in Education and Information Systems Technologies and has worked in the corporate sector for many years. Chris still works his technology magic while working with corporations in setting up their online procurement systems as well as managing their successful entertainment business. As CFO of The Strutting Pooch, LLC Chris will be managing the business while sneaking out of the office on occasion to spoil a fur baby or two. Chris is looking forward to helping solve your pet sitting needs, and getting you the most dedicated and experienced pet services team member to your house to care for your pets.