The Strutting Pooch - Sylvia


Born and raised in Southern California, Sylvia’s house was always a haven for all kinds of pets. That hasn’t changed in her adult life. With four dogs and 2 cats, Sylvia’s love for furry friends has grown even more over the years. Besides her overwhelming love of animals, Sylvia has spent her entire life in Business. She has extreme knowledge and skills in Management and Marketing with an incredible Career in the Entertainment Industry. Sylvia’s professionalism, organization, reliability, hard work, and the importance of excellent customer service has forever been a part of her professional and personal life.

Sylvia is an avid outdoors person who along with her dog Roxy, loves the sport of doggie agility. When not on the agility course she enjoys hiking, skiing, and cycling.

Sylvia realizes that the demands on dog parents today along with everyday life can put a strain on the time available for their pets. With that being said, when the opportunity for Sylvia to own and manage The Strutting Pooch, LLC, she couldn’t wait to help pet owners with their time constraint and help their pets get the needed love during those hours when life happens. A perfect match for the perfect pet person.

Sylvia is the head groomer at The Strutting Pooch!