The Strutting Pooch - Virginia


I’ve always been animal lover since a very young age. I was always the one that brought home the strays and hurt animals. I wanted to become a vet but things didn’t go that way for me so instead I took up hair dressing while in school. I travel to different homes making the residents look and feel great after getting their hair done. I’ve had animals where I have nursed them back to health and that experience is great. I have a hobby farm that I enjoy every day when I’m not working. I have goats, chickens, mini horse, mini donkey and also peacocks. That’s just outside I also have my inside animals that consist of dogs, a cat, geckos, black and white Argentine tegu and I also have a Brazilian short tail opossum. I’m doing dog boarding and daycare so families can feel relaxed while on vacation and knowing their beloved pet is in good hands at my hideaway. My animals are like my children and that’s how yours will be treated as well. I take pride in everything I do. I figure I have 15 acres why not use it. I like to walk and hike and just sit and relax and listen to the noises of my farm.