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What pet services do you offer?

The Strutting Pooch offers pet sitting (dog sitting, cat sitting, farm sitting), daily dog walking, boarding, overnight in home pet sitting, pet transportation, dog poop removal, and exercise trips such as hiking or visiting the dog park. Our pet sitters can come to your home to care for your pets in an environment they are comfortable in. We’re here for you when you need us! We  can take your dog out for a walk at lunchtime, care for your pets when you’re away on vacation, working late, or just too busy. Most of our clients are cat and dog owners but we can also take care of fish, birds, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, farm animals and more.

Can you watch my home while I'm away?

Yes, if we requested we can bring in your mail, take out the trash, and leave lights on or off to give the home a lived-in appearance.

How can I become a client?

The first thing you’ll need to do is schedule an initial Meet & Greet by calling us at (518) 496-6808. After our Meet & Greet, you’ll receive information on how to login to the client portal where you can manage your pet’s information, make a payment, schedule pet services and receive daily updates from your pet sitter.

Do you provide house-sitting services even if someone doesn’t have a pet?

Yes! If you’re going away for several days or more, we can visit your home and offer traditional house sitting services. Having a house-sitter can give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe in our care.

Do you provide dog boarding services?

Yes, our team of pet sitters can provide boarding services by taking care of your dog in their own loving home. They will treat your pet as one of their own and follow the pet’s routine just as if they were home. We will have you and your dog meet your pet sitter in their home prior to starting service. We make sure that all of our pet sitters’ homes provide a caring, clean and comfortable environment for your pet.

Do I have the option to board my cat or does the pet sitter come to my home?

No, unfortunately we cannot board your cat but our pet sitters are always available to come to your home to care for your cat.

What time can the pet sitter come to my home and how long can they stay at my house?

We offer 15-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute pet sitting visits. You choose the duration of the pet sitting visits and the time of day, however we do require a 1-hour window for the pet sitter to arrive at your home and start the visit (for example, between 9AM-10AM or 2PM-3PM). You can mix and match the types of pet sitting visits to design the best plan for your pet.

What is a Meet & Greet?

A Meet & Greet is an initial meeting we provide free of charge in your home by one of the owners or managers here at The Strutting Pooch. At this visit, we will meet you & your pets, go over their routine and learn the location of their leashes, food, toys, etc. The Meet & Greet is a great way for us to get to know each other and to see if we are a good fit for you and your pet. It’s also a good time for you to ask us any questions you may have about our pet services!

Can I schedule service any time after my Meet & Greet?

Yes! After the Meet & Greet, all clients are provided with a unique login to their Strutting Pooch account. From this client portal, you can schedule a service, check your personal service calendar and update your password or billing information. All scheduling requests are confirmed during our regular business hours, which are 7AM-7PM everyday.

Can I schedule pet sitting directly through my pet sitter?

No, all pet sitting visits MUST be scheduled through The Strutting Pooch office or the client portal to ensure the safety of all clients’ pets. We use an advanced scheduling system to make sure that “no pet is left behind.” If you schedule through a pet sitter and the pet sitter forgets to inform us, that takes The Strutting Pooch out of the loop and we are unable to follow up with the pet sitter. The Strutting Pooch needs to be able to verify that your pet has been seen because our company will not be held liable for visits scheduled without our knowledge.

How do I make a payment?

Payment is easy with our client portal! Just login to your account to make a payment. We accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover Card, or PayPal. You can also pay in person with cash or check.

Are there extra costs for pet services rendered on a holiday?

There is up to a $10 additional charge added to service being provided on the following holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. 100% of these fees are paid to the sitters.

Can I make last-minute requests?

We are happy to accommodate a last minute service request but we cannot guarantee that a pet sitter is going to be available on short notice (most of the time it isn’t a problem). Give us a call during our regular business hours of 7AM-7PM and we will see what we can do!

What is The Strutting Pooch's cancellation policy?

Pet sitting services must be cancelled at least 72 hours ahead of time to avoid any charges.
If a service is canceled less than 72 hours but more than 24 hours beforehand, you will be charged 50% of the total amount due.
If a pet sitting service is canceled less than 24 hours beforehand, you will be charged the full rate.

What if my primary pet sitter is not available for my pet sitting request?

The Strutting Pooch has a wonderful team of caring and experienced pet sitters who can care for your pet if your regular pet sitter is unavailable. We have your pet care information securely stored in our database so there is no need to meet with the alternate pet sitter; however, if you would like to meet with them we are more than happy to schedule a time for you to meet at your home. The cost of this meeting is $15 which covers the pet sitter’s time and expenses.

Will you care for a pet that has aggression issues?

Because of liability issues, we cannot provide service for a pet that has bitten someone in the past. If the pet is skittish and just growls around people he doesn’t know, we would be happy to meet with you and see if we can design an effective plan for you and your pet. We may be able to provide additional visits by one of our pet care providers in order to socialize the pet, as long as the owner is present at all visits and pays the normal service fee until the pet is socialized. If you or your pet sitter feels unsafe at anytime to work your pet, we reserve the right to discontinue service without notice.

Do you administer medication?

We strongly urge you to administer all medication to your pet, due to the stress on the animal. If that is not possible and your pet needs its medicine, we will attempt to administer oral medicine only.

As a pet care professional, how do you discipline the pets?

The Strutting Pooch believes in positive reinforcement ONLY for the pets we care for. We will never yell, hit, spank, slap, yank the leash, shock or grab your pet. If there is a disciplinary problem, such as toilet training issues, running away, etc., we will discuss the issue with our client and work on a solution together.

What happens if my pet becomes ill when I am out of town or unable to leave work?

We will call you at the emergency phone numbers we have on file if we suspect that something is wrong with your pet. If you believe a veterinarian is needed, we will take your pet to your vet’s office for examination and treatment. In the event we cannot reach you, we will decide if a veterinarian should see your pet and take the animal for treatment if necessary. You will be billed for any extra time spent for these services.

Why are daily visits required?

Based on industry standards, we require a daily visit to ensure that your pet and home are safe while under our care.
A variety of things can go wrong in a day without a visit including: bursted water pipes, break-ins, pets becoming critically ill overnight, pets getting trapped in a room with no litter box or water, water bowls spilling over and animals going without water for over 12 hours.

What does it mean for a pet sitting company to be bonded and insured, and why is it important?

A dishonesty bond provides assurance that you, the client, will be reimbursed if anything is stolen from your home. (Anyone who has workers entering their home should make sure that their employer has a dishonesty bond.)
We also carry a liability insurance policy that protects from financial loss in the event that we are liable for an accident that occurs while we are caring for your pet. Any responsible business should be bonded and insured, and we are happy to provide our clients with proof of insurance and our bond via email.

What kinds of clients do you work with?

We work with responsible pet owners who are looking for the best quality pet care and peace of mind when they travel or when they have to leave their pets for long hours due to work or other obligations.

How do you hire your pet care providers?

We are proud to hire dedicated pet care professionals who are serious about their job and truly love animals, not someone who is just trying to make extra cash on the side. We work with pet sitters who have experience in the pet care field and value their time with The Strutting Pooch as part of their career path. We do extensive screening, that includes a face-to-face interview, reference checks, and a complete background check. All pet sitters are initially hired on a trial basis until we have followed up with our clients to ensure that they are an excellent fit for The Strutting Pooch.

What kinds of results can I expect when working with The Strutting Pooch?

One of the most important benefits to you is peace of mind. We want you to feel completely comfortable leaving your pets and your home in our care. Whether you’re traveling, working, or have a family emergency, you can rest assured that your pets will receive the best care and attention by our experienced pet sitting professionals. Your house will not only be kept clean and safe while you’re away, but your pet will also be able to maintain their normal routine in a comfortable environment. Your pet’s health and happiness is our number one priority!

How does my pet sitter access my home?

There are a few options for key exchange. Using a lock box is a preferable method because it is safe and easy. You can purchase one from us or buy your own. You simply place the lock box at a specific location near the house. If a lock box is not a good fit for you, you can leave a key hidden in a pre-determined location or schedule a key pick-up and drop-off service, which is $10 each time.